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How Mosquito Squad Avoids Impacting the Bee Population

As we all know, there is a growing concern about the decline in bee populations around the world. Many theories about bee loss exist including disease, mites, loss of habitat and pesticides. We have had customers and friends ask us about how Mosquito Squad avoids impacting the bees when we treat a customer’s backyard with our product. There are a couple of different ways we actively work to protect the bees while also protecting your family and pets from the illnesses mosquitoes spread.

Flowering Plants vs Leafy Green

Understanding how our barrier treatment works is key to understanding how we do our best to avoid harming bees. Our barrier treatments are specifically targeted towards the lifestyle of mosquitoes focusing on where they feed and rest. Female mosquitoes munch on humans to get protein to lay eggs, but they feed on the leaves of plants which is where our treatment is applied. We spray the leaves of plants and shady, moist areas around the property-places mosquitoes like to rest. We actively avoid treating flowering plants in our customers’ yards where bees are often found foraging. Along with avoiding flowering plants, we also make sure not to spray vegetable, herb and fruit gardens and annuals in pots which bees love!

Product Formulation

Just like there are different formulations and levels of strength for the cleaning products in your home, there are differing levels and categories of pesticides. A pesticide is a pesticide is a pesticide. Not true! The EPA created pesticide categories that reflect the potency of the product. The EPA approved product that Mosquito Squad uses ranks in the lowest, less potent classification. Pesticides associated with widely spread bee loss are mainly neonicotinoids, which are in the highest classification. In addition, our product is specifically mixed for the weight of a mosquito, and those guys are tiny – much smaller than bees. We carefully follow all guidelines according to the manufacturer’s label and take great care to make sure our technicians are properly trained on mixing and applying our product.

Just last year we were excited to hear from a long time customer who had a naturally-created active beehive spring up in her backyard. Also, a Mosquito Squad franchise owner in Maryland is an active beekeeper and has not seen a decrease in his bees while spraying his yard. His hives are full of activity! All of this goes back to our firm policies of keeping a watchful eye during treatment application. We want all of our customers and neighbors to know that we understand the importance of the bee population, and that they can be assured that we will do what it takes to prevent any impact from our services.

For families who still prefer a different approach to mosquito control, no worries, we offer an all natural option too!

Mosquito Squad FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Mosquito Control

Here at Mosquito Squad, we are really great at listening to your questions and problems about mosquito control for your property. People researching mosquito control for their property find our product fresh and innovative. For those that have not used us before, here is a list of the most common questions:

How does Mosquito Squad control Mosquitoes?

During your first treatment, our technicians inspect your property and treat standing water, a potential mosquito breeding site, with a larvacide. This stops the life cycle of the mosquito at the larvae stage, so they cannot become adults. Then our technicians will treat the yard to eliminate any adult mosquitoes currently on your property. This also builds a barrier against any mosquitoes that enter your yard after treatment from other areas. A technician will then return to your property approximately every 2or 3 weeks to maintain the barrier.

What do you treat?

Mosquito Squad’s trained technicians treat areas where mosquitoes feed and harbor. We treat the surfaces under the leaves of shrubbery, gardens, underneath decks, along fences and the foundations of houses, tall grasses and low hanging vegetation. Not only are our technicians trained in accordance with local and state requirements, but we have a in-house program educates them on conditions and situations that are specific to mosquito breeding. Due to this specific training, they are experts in mosquito control.

Does it really work?

Yes it does, and we guarantee it. While no service can offer 100 percent protection from every mosquito, you should notice an enormous reduction of about 90 percent in the mosquito population in your yard. If you don’t experience this reduction and are not completely satisfied, we come out for another visit at no charge to you. If you are still not satisfied, we will gladly refund your money.

How long does a treatment last?

Each Mosquito Squad treatment lasts for approximately 21 days. Our technicians focus on the areas where mosquitoes feed, breed and rest. When they attempt to rest on treated surfaces, the residual product of the treatment eliminates them.

What if it rains right after my treatment?

Targeted surfaces are the underside of leaves and shaded areas; these tend to be protected from the rain. Additionally, when the product has dried (30 minutes) rainwater do not easily wash away the product. If it begins raining before your treatment has dried, and you notice it not being effective, please call us and we will come out for another visit at no additional cost to you.

If I have my yard treated, but my neighbor does not, does it still work?

Yes! Mosquitoes do not respect fences or property lines, but our treatment creates an invisible barrier around your property that eliminates mosquitoes that come into your property from other areas.Sometimes a mosquito might fly into your yard and bite you before feeding or resting on the treated surfaces. Other than that rare bite, you will find that the number of mosquitoes is greatly reduced.

What are the chemicals you use? Are they safe?

All products used by Mosquito Squad are used according to the label and are registered with the EPA. We are licensed in South Carolina to properly use them. The class of products can be found in many household products like head lice shampoos, pet flea and tick treatments, and many agricultural applications such as standard treatments for fruit and ornamental plants.

Is this an organic product?

No, the product that we use for our standard treatment is not organic, but we do offer an all-natural option. Our all-natural option confuses and repels insects by using a scent that insects find unattractive. Fortunately, our noses are not quite as sensitive, so you will detect only a mild odor that dissipates within a few hours of application. In order for the natural treatment to remain effective, treatments must occur every 14 days, as opposed to the 21- day cycle of our traditional solution.

Is this product safe to use around kids and pets?

We use only enough product to target a 2.5 milligram mosquito. Unlike mammals, mosquitoes lack enzymes to break down the product, which means we can use a very small amount strategically placed to achieve control of nuisance pests. It only takes a particle to contact such a small organism on a targeted surface and have an acute affect. In comparison, a small pet is about 6 kilograms (that’s 6 million milligrams or 2.4 million times as big). All we ask is that the treatment dries. Once the product is dry, it does not rub or wipe off easily, so children and pets can continue playing as they would do normally, only without becoming a mosquito’s dinner.

Can my children play in the yard during a Mosquito Squad treatment?

When treating a yard, we ask that the homeowner and children stay inside while we treat and for 30 minutes after the treatment is completed, which allows the product to dry. After that, they are free to enjoy their backyards and other outdoor living spaces. Quite frankly, it is no different from staying off of your lawn for a recommended period of time after a lawn treatment has been applied. We inform each homeowner of this recommendation prior to spraying and if you are not home, we leave a notice alerting you to the time and date we sprayed.

Will Mosquito Squad treatments harm my plants?

All Mosquito Squad treatments are designed to be as gentle as possible on organisms other than the targeted pests. Our treatment is achieved with products frequently used
in the agricultural industry. We recommend that you treat any vegetables or herbs from your garden like you would store bought ones by washing them prior to consumption. If you would like for your vegetable and herb garden to not be treated, our technicians will take extra care to ensure that it is not treated.

Will treatment harm beneficial insects?

Some of Mosquito Squad’s treatments can affect other insects in addition to the targeted pests. For instance ticks, gnats, flies and fleas that are in direct contact with the spray during application, will be eliminated. However, care is taken to minimize damage to other insects. For instance, we try to avoid spraying blooming plants that attract honeybees. Once dry, the treatment should not impact insects that do not frequent the target surfaces.

I have a fish pond, will treatment affect my fish?

Some of Mosquito Squad’s treatments can harm aquatic life. Mosquito Squad technicians are trained to carefully treat around the pond to provide protection for your family without harming the investment you have made in your pond and fish.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we have procured all required licenses and any necessary insurance and are happy to provide proof of either upon request. Should you wish a information regarding our licenses or insurance, please telephone us at 336.617.5268.

How much does mosquito control cost?

The cost of mosquito protection does vary with the size of your property and the number of seasonal treatments you purchase. We also offer a single-treatment special on your initial treatment to enable you to try our service. This initial fee can then be applied to a season-long package. Most folks that try us purchase the season after the experience the benefits of Mosquito Squad.

Does it cost me anything to meet with a Mosquito Squad professional?

No! We offer free estimates. Most can be done over the phone.

Does Mosquito Squad service commercial accounts?

You bet! We service restaurants with outdoor seating, parks, recreational facilities and many other outdoor spaces. We are happy to serve businesses, organizations, municipalities and government agencies.

How will I know when Mosquito Squad is coming?

Yes. We alert you the day before a scheduled treatment with a 2 hour window of service time. That should allow you plenty of time to reschedule if it is not convenient.

Do I need to be home for the treatments?

No. But if you have a dog it will need to be away from the area to be treated, for our safety. Gates need to be unlocked so we have complete access to your property. We will leave a notice so you know that your service has been provided.

Should I rely on the information on MosquitoSquad.com to determine whether I have a vector-borne disease?

Definitely not. We do not purport to be a medical authority, nor do we claim to have complete lists of symptoms, diagnostic data or treatment information. You should contact a health care professional immediately if you suspect a vector-borne disease.

Can I tell my doctor about the information here that brought me to my suspicions?

Definitely! Some health care professionals may not be well versed in vector-borne diseases and may benefit from the information.

Does Mosquito Squad offer a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee?

Your complete satisfaction is important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with your Mosquito Squad barrier spray, contact your Mosquito Squad office within 21 days of application for a re-spray at no additional charge or a refund of 100 percent of your application cost.

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Mosquitoes Are Dangerous

What is the biggest killer on earth? Mosquitoes cause one million deaths each year.

According to the World Health Organization, mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than 1 million people every year. The majority of these deaths are due to malaria.

In addition to malaria, mosquitoes carry the West Nile virus, Zika virus, and dengue fever. West Nile is a disease the insects pick up from infected birds. It affects the nervous system and, like malaria, can be very serious in people with lowered immune systems. The virus became prevalent for the first time in the eastern United States around 1999 [source: CDC]. As with malaria, the best way to avoid West Nile is to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes also carry dengue fever, which causes a rash and extreme muscle and joint pain. It can be fatal if not treated properly. Zika virus is similar to dengue, except that in 2015 it was linked to birth defects.

Mosquitoes also cause these diseases:

  • Chikungunya
  • Dog Heartworm
  • Yellow Fever
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis
  • St. Louis Encephalitis
  • LaCrosse Encephalitis
  • Western Equine Encephalitis

For protection options for your family, call Mosquito Squad.

Mosquitoes are Dangerous

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