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Mosquito Treatment Services

Uninvited pests will always ruin your backyard fun, and mosquitos are the worst offenders during the hot Low Country summer months. Our professional barrier treatment is a mosquito control that disinvites mosquitoes. Reclaim your outdoor space from these pests.

How Barrier Treatments Work

Our mosquito treatment covers your entire yard. Here is how we get that done:

  • An expert arrives at your home and assesses the condition of your yard.
  • Trouble spots where mosquitos are likely to harbor are identified.
  • A treatment is applied to the entire yard that focuses on areas likely to contain mosquitos.
  • Pests lurking in the foliage are killed on contact.
  • After 30 minutes, the treatment dries and forms a protective barrier that lasts 21 days.
  • You can freely use your outdoor area again without worrying about swarms of mosquitos.

    Won’t the Mosquitos Just Come Back?

    Mosquitos fly, and some will enter your yard again. This is true if your neighbors are not treating their property, but your risk is still minimal. Mosquitoes feed on plants as well as people. When treated plants are targeted by one of these bugs, the barrier treatment kills the mosquito. You will notice a dramatic difference in the number of mosquitos and enjoy a reduction in bites.

    Barrier Protection Improves Health

    Mosquitos are obnoxious, but they are also known to carry diseases. West Nile virus and Zika transmit through mosquito bites, and both pathogens have been identified in the United States. Eliminating mosquitos protects your family’s health.

    Store bought repellents and deterrents are limited. Body sprays must be reapplied and they wear off over time. Aromatic candles that repel pests have a limited range. You must also directly expose yourself to these chemicals. Our treatments are approved by the EPA and environmentally safe.

    Stop bites with our mosquito protection, and contact us for an appointment. Our experts treat your yard whenever it is the most convenient for you. Ask about scheduling recurring treatments every 21 days, or consider installing our misting system that automatically shields your yard with constant barrier protection.

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