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Mosquito Control for Your Wedding

Mosquito Control for Your Wedding or Special Event

Whether it’s your graduation party, a barbecue or your wedding reception, there is no need for mosquito bites to you make you itchy and uncomfortable. Mosquito Squad provides event treatments in Charleston and its surrounding areas to eliminate and control mosquitoes in your backyard before they ruin your special day.

To ensure your event is bug free, we come out 24-48 hours before the event and administer one of our mosquito control barrier sprays to the outdoor areas that your guests will enjoy. The product will dry in about 30 minutes leaving no odor that will be noticeable by guests. That’s it. Our event spray will provide protection for you and your guests throughout your entire event.

If you are in the planning process of your event and would like to discuss your mosquito control options with the authority in mosquito elimination, call Mosquito Squad now.

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